When Psychiatry Battled the Devil


Click this link to read Richard Noll’s article about Satanic Ritual Abuse and psychiatry



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  1. resa says:

    “Are we ready now to reopen a discussion on this moral panic? Will both clinicians and historians of
    psychiatry be willing to be on record? Shall we continue to silence memory, or allow it to speak?”


  2. RealDoctor says:

    I am a psychiatrist who graduated from the Rush Psychiatry residency program in the last decade. Most of the residents trained there now have no knowledge of Bennett Braun. As residents,if we came across a patient claiming to have MPD or DID, we were told to refer them to another hospital, but no-one would tell us why. Rush is an excellent program, but it does it’s resident’s a huge injustice by not discussing these matters openly. I learned of this story because a mentor of mine who was new to the hospital discussed it with me.

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